Class MapLayoutReport.Mapper

Enclosing class:

public class MapLayoutReport.Mapper extends MapLayoutReport.MapElement
The Mapper element will render the LayerList as a map.
  • Method Details

    • units

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper units(int mapunits)
      Specify the units that the map data is digitized in. This is required so that correct scale factors can be determined.
    • dpi

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper dpi(int units)
      Set the resolution to be used if vector mode is off. The map will be rendered in to an image with the specified resolution. The default value it 72dpi.
    • collapse

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper collapse(boolean state)
      Collapse mode controls if the map layers are all drawn in to a single layer (true) or in to individual layers (false). The default value is false.
    • scale

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper scale(double scale)
      Set the map scale. The map zommed from the centre of the map to meet this map scale.
    • extent

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper extent(double x, double y, double width, double height)
      Set the map extent. This is the ground coordinates of the map that are visible in the mapping window.
    • extent

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper extent(Extent2D extent)
      Set the map extent. This is the ground coordinates of the map that are visible in the mapping window.
    • alpha

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper alpha(double alpha)
      Set an alpha that will be used when compositing raster layers
    • vector

      public MapLayoutReport.Mapper vector(boolean state)
      Set if the map should be rendered in vector mode or image mode. In some cases raster mode can result in a smaller map image.
    • quality

      public MapLayoutReport.MapElement quality(float quality)
      Set the quality for raster image compression. A value of 1 means no compression and allows transparancy. Any value less than 1 will disable transparancy and allow compression.
    • realScale

      public double realScale()
      Calculate the actual map scale for this map