Class BoxAndWhiskerChartReport

All Implemented Interfaces:
Selectable<Report>, Comparable<Report>

public class BoxAndWhiskerChartReport extends RangeIndicatorChartReport
Create a chart showing box and whisker statistical data along with account values as a red line and circle.
Box and whisker chart

Note that this class is new and is subject to change.

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    • TYPES

      public static final String[] TYPES
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    • BoxAndWhiskerChartReport

      public BoxAndWhiskerChartReport(String filename, String title, AttributeStore as, String units, String xCaption, String bwCaption, String legendCaption, String valueExpression, String categoryColumn, String[] categories, String[] categoryNames, int numPeriods, double[][] bwData, boolean annualize, String html)
      Show a box and whisker diagram along with each category. The box and whisker information is an array of six numbers for each class. The array includes: mean, median, q1, q3, minimum, maximum. If the mean or median values are set to the value of Double.Nan then these indicators will not be drawn.
      filename - The name to save the file
      title - The report title
      units - Units to be displayed on the y axis
      xCaption - the caption on the x axis
      bwCaption - The legend caption for the box and whisker data
      legendCaption - The legend caption for the simulation data
      valueExpression - An expression that defines the numeric values in the chart.
      categoryColumn - A column that contains the categories.
      categories - The columns from input dataset
      categoryNames - The names to be placed on the xaxis for each category
      numPeriods - The number of periods of data to report.
      bwData - The box and whisker data, organized first by category, and then by the six elements mentioned above
      annualize - A flag to indicate if the values should be annualized. If true then values from period 0 (prior to the start of the simulation) are not shown. All other values are divided by the width of the period.
      html - Additional HTML text to be displayed in the report.
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    • setBwData

      public void setBwData(double[][] bwData)
    • getBwData

      public double[][] getBwData()
    • getBwCaption

      public String getBwCaption()
    • setBwCaption

      public void setBwCaption(String caption)
    • getTypes

      public String[] getTypes()
      Description copied from class: Report
      An accessor function to retrieve the list of report types supported by this report. See the documentation for the TYPES variable for the list of sub-types.
      getTypes in class RangeIndicatorChartReport