Package ca.spatial.patchworks

package ca.spatial.patchworks
The Patchworks application and supporting classes
  • Interface Summary
    This interface will receive notification that the key has changed in the access table editor.
    The account interface describes how to add and subtract values from accounts.
    This interface specifies the method to use to create a ScenarioChangeListener.
    Targets are modeling objects that control how accounts participate in the objective function.
  • Class Summary
    This class encapsulates the timing constraints table.
    This class contains information that describes a block, consisting of a one or both of a managed and unmanaged component.
    Save block availability
    Although the name of this class is BlockPart, it in fact records the area, stratification, treatment and attribute information for both the managed and unmanaged components of a block (one instance for each component).
    Display detailed information about the state of the block.
    This class provides a table that exposes block attributes.
    The Complex class sums a series of numbers using using Neumaier's enhanced version of Kahan's summation algorithm.
    This class provides most of the user-visible controls into the Patchworks model.
    This class describes convergence sub-target criteria and performance measurements.
    This class implements linear interpolated curves that are represented by a series of points.
    The Exclusive class is an account type that provides an 'xor' type of relationship.
    Save exclusive option assigments
    The ExclusiveDependent class is an account type that shadows the 'or' decisions made in an Exclusive account.
    Save exclusive option assigments
    This class implements FlowRatioTargets that maintain ratios between values in different periods.
    This class contains a specification of how to set flow targets.
    This class implements FlowValueTargets that maintain absolute differences between values in different periods.
    This class keeps track of the length of the planning horizon and the division into planning period intervals.
    This report summarizes costs and flows through a network.
    Get an AttributeStore view of the network, exposing all segments, costs and flows.
    This report will track the progress of specific components of the objective function, and will display charts of how these terms change over the course of the simulation.
    The PatchDetailReport class lists the sizes of each patch in each period.
    The PatchReport class describes the area distribution of connected patches on a landscape.
    The PatchStore class is able to take a snapshot of the patch composition of a landscape.
    This class implements patch size accounts.
    This is the main class for the Patchworks application
    This class implements a table that show simulation performance statistics.
    This class implements a pool account where values that are added to the account are accumulated over all subsequent periods.
    This report summarizes costs and flows through a route.
    This class defines a report that saves a route to a destination.
    Get an AttributeStore view of the route, exposing all segments, costs and flows.
    Objects of this class listen for life cycle events that the scenario manager provides during the execution of a simulation.
    This class implements the description of a scenario to be added to the ScenarioSet.
    This report logs significant events in the life cycle of a Patchworks simulation run.
    This class keeps track of the performance criteria and current status for a running scenario.
    This class provides a framework to automate the processing of scenarios.
    This class implements a ScenarioSet editor.
    This report summarizes target shortages for active targets.
    This class defines a report that saves the stand dynamics events for all of the stands in to a CSV file.
    This class implements TabulateTargets that adds up and combines values from different periods of the input account into other periods in the output account.
    This class implements a container for describing how targets should be set when a scenario is run.
    Define an AttributeStore presentation of the Targets that are known to the system.
    A TargetView is a custom component that displays and edits target data.
    This class is similar to the BlockStore but it provides values on an annual basis, rather than periodic.
    This class defines a report that saves the treatment schedule
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    The activity value controls the operations that take place when the scenario is run.