Class Patchworks


public class Patchworks extends Object
This is the main class for the Patchworks application
  • Method Details

    • setInputFiles

      public void setInputFiles(ca.spatial.patchworks.InputControl ic, Wizard wiz)
    • getControl

      public Control getControl()
    • setLayerList

      public void setLayerList(LayerList layers)
    • setReportWriter

      public void setReportWriter(ReportWriter rw)
    • setComparisonWriter

      public void setComparisonWriter(ComparisonWriter cw, ReportWriter rw)
      Comparison report writer.
    • addReport

      public void addReport(Report r)
    • main

      public static void main(String[] argv)
      Start up the Patchworks application
      argv - A list of arguments. Currently the application only expects to have the name of the PIN file in the argument list. If the name of the PIN file is not provided then the application will prompt for it.