Package ca.spatial.parser

package ca.spatial.parser
The Patchworks Query Language parser and supporting classes
  • Interface Summary
    An interface to test a selection for a true/false value
  • Class Summary
    A general expression parser and evaluator.
    Access a QueryPanel by clicking in the cell of a table
    This class contains the state of a token that that been parsed by the expression builder.
    A GUI to compose and execute selection expressions.
    A GUI panel to compose and execute selection expressions.
    This class will parse a string containing an encoded data set name, and return a TableSpec structure that describes the resource, and has an method that can be used to obtain an active data set handle.
    This class can be used to visit expressions in a SelectList to improve select performance
    Convert a PL/pgSQL function to an equivalent BeanShell function.
  • Exception Summary
    This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.
    This exception usually means that the argument has an incorect data type (e.g.