Package ca.spatial.gis.vector

package ca.spatial.gis.vector
Vector GIS operators and supporting classes
  • Interface Summary
    An interface to describe topological relationships between polygon features.
  • Class Summary
    This wizard assists in collecting the parameters and options needed to convert a spatial data set to a shape file.
    A robust polygons convexHull utility.
    A robust polygons dissolve utility.
    This wizard is a front end to the Dissolve process.
    This program identifies codes within spatial coverage that compose the majority of a zone.
    Output standard route descriptor files based on the contents of a shape file or coverage.
    This class will do a point in polygon analysis of the input and output data sets.
    A utility program to split selected polygons using a hex or square grid.
    Polygon to ascii raster conversion.
    Read explicit polygon topology from an Arc/Info polygon coverage.
    Method to perform polygon to raster conversion.
    Method to perform polygon to raster conversion.
    Method to perform polygon to hexagon grid conversion.
    A class for writing polygons to a to a new (empty) shapefile.
    A tool to add barriers to topological segments
    This class will read a topology file and provide access to neighbour list.